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India`s 1st Institution For Two Wheeler Mechanical Course

India`s 1st Institution For Two Wheeler Mechanical Course! Now a days, Automobile moved from pure mechanical system like engine transmission system, steering system, suspension system, air conditioning system, cooling system, Anti braking system, Air bag system, 4×4 transmission system, ignition system & navigation system to move complex computer control engine (MPFI, DOHC, VVT,) you required on in depth understanding of the complex system & part that make the vehicle and the electrical, electronics and computer that drives them. In other words you have to be technically sound.

We are here to provide you the best knowledge in a practical way to every engine who wants to go in automobile dream companies.

We all know today’s job demands as engineering have only theoretical knowledge instead of practical knowledge they don’t find suitable place in his dream companies.


The Madras Mechanical Institute

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